FAC-207/FAC-209 Multiple Packaging Machine
FAC-207/FAC-209 Multiple Packaging Machine FUNG YUAN Multiple Shrink Packing Machine Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Semenyih Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Founder Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd


  • The shrinkable film is considerably cheater than carton. There are no problems in applying bar code on the film. Stable packs and good stacking qualities.
  • Good protection for bottles and cans against contamination - clean, sanitary and good moisture resistance. Protection for bottled products against the effects of UV radiation.
  • The film can be printed for specific promotional advertising effects, and inserted coupons for sales promotion. Encourages the sale of multipacks instead of single products. Products are easily distinguished & managed. PE film can be recycled.
  • It’s very easy to do arrangement on production line. Simple & clean appearance is the best equipment for GMP factory.
  • It’s equipped with safety alarm devices including the sealing safety sensor, non-film sensor, upside-down cans sensor and film breakage sensor. There are photo eyes following up the register printed film.
  • The machine body is made by painted steel or stainless steel and Aluminum alloy material.
  • It’s easy & fast to adjust different packing structures.
  • The machine is controlled by PLC program, so the actions are smooth. It’s simple to operate the control panel.

Special Explanations:

  • The standard working height is 750 +/- 50mm. Special working height can be made as per customer’s requirement.
  • The in feed conveyor (as shown A figure) can connect with the production line.
  • The position of the control cabinet is optional.
  • If the pack formation is 7x2, 1x3, 3x4, 2x4, 2x5 or PET bottles, the machine can be additionally designed.
  • The in feed conveyor can be additionally equipped with the dispersing mechanism.
  • The upper film is surface printed film, the lower one in transparent film.


Model Pack formation Packing size
L x W x H
Film type Packing speed (packs/min) Applications Air pressure Dimension
L x WxH
210 x 160 x 180 Printed film
Unprinted film
25~30 (Up to 30 packs/min)
25~35 (Up to 35 packs/min)
Cans, glass or
plastic bottles
5~6 kg/cm2 2400 x 1150 x 1990 600 KGS
300 x 200 x 320 Printed film
Unprinted film
20~25 (Up to 25 packs/min)
20~28 (Up to 28 packs/min)
5~6 kg/cm2 2400 x 1150 x 1990 750 KGS

Model Packing Size
W x H
Packing Ability
Power Electric Heating Dimension
L x W x H
FM-6030L 500 x 280 1~10 Voltages upn reguest
2025 x 800 x 1460 400 KGS
FM-7530L 650 x 280 1~10 ĘP 18KW 2025 x 950 x 1460 500 KGS


  • Register printed or unprinted shrinkable film can choose.
  • The machine is the most suitable for PE printed material to make the great value of products.
  • Various pack formations can meet the trend of wholesale.
  • Fast packing speed can match the production line prosperously.
  • To assure the quality without being damaged, to save electricity and to increase profits.
  • Heat oven for contracting will send out even heat radiation. Delivery is done by rollers with durability.
  • Special air flow directional construction for color/non-color film, can shrink products bautifully and smoothly.
  • Variable speed tunnel conveyor, automatic thermostat controls, simple operation.
  • Silicone rubber coated conveyor belt rods.

Illustration of FAC-207 Machine

Packing Flow

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